Charming Features

Massive Space

1 GB of free space for your private and public maven repositories. So you don't need to install and maintain your own repository

Easy to Use

You no longer need to install and maintain your on-premise maven repository. We know how hard to install and maintain and we do it for you.

Unlimited Repositories

You can create multiple maven repositories in your account and it can be a release or snapshot and public or private.

High Uptime Rate

We can understand the importance of the repository which all your CI/CD is dependant and it should always be up and running.

No Credit Card Required

You can use repsy without any credit card requirement or any trial expiration ..

NuGet, Docker, npm ..

We're working hard to deliver you other types of repositories. Soon you can use repsy as a docker registry or npm repository..

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Just fill the register form and you are ready to use your own private maven repository.

All the required documentation and examples are provided inside the user panel. So you can easily deploy your first maven package and use them in your project. Let's get started...

Stunning Prices

Repsy offers various options for companies and individual developers.


No credit card,
no trial expiration

€0 / month


  • 1 GB Space
  • 10 GB Traffic limit
  • Unlimited Private/Public Repositories
  • Usage metrics
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Freedom of storage

€29.90 / month

€49.90 Limited time offer

  • 50 GB Space
  • 500 GB Free Traffic + €0.20 / GB
  • Unlimited Private/Public Repositories
  • Usage metrics
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The maximum power

€49.90 / month

€69.90 Limited time offer

  • 150 GB Space
  • 1.5 TB Free Traffic
  • Unlimited Private/Public Repositories
  • Usage metrics
Coming Soon