maven maven

Gradle, SBT, and Leiningen

We natively support Maven and Maven-compatible build tools like Gradle, SBT, and Leiningen as well. A Repsy account is just enough to create public and private maven repositories as many as you need.

  • If you have any publicly shared Maven artifact, you can easily create a public repository and use it right away!
  • In case of implementing a private artifact and using it in your own projects, a private Maven repository would be a great choice for you.
  • You can find detailed documentation for the use of Maven repositories under the "Developers" menu.

We do support multiple users now!

We are here for you to support your project partners if you work with various role groups to consume your projects.

Repsy also provides automated health-checks for your packages to ensure effective development of your team. *

*It is only available for premium Repsy users.